Knitted pants are very fashionable, don't pay attention to 3 ways of matching, and develop towards the fat dwarf!

Column:Industry News Time:2019-12-05
Nowadays, people have more or less thoughts of comparison. To a certain extent, at least for themselves, this is also a good phenomenon.

1. It's not as loose as possible

Some people have even studied systematically. It seems that knitted pants are very popular nowadays, and many people put on knitted pants, but do we know? Knitted pants are very popular, but if you don't pay attention to these three methods of deployment, you should want to develop towards the fat dwarf. When buying knitted pants, we must not be lured by the sweet words of the staff.

2.Choose your own clothing color

Say what you are suitable for wearing loose knit pants, because it is thinner, say what you are suitable for wearing off-white knit pants, very good for your temperament, these words are just terms that want you to spend in their store, As long as it succeeds in getting you bought, is it important to say something? Do we know If knitted pants are too loose, they will only become shorter and fatter.

3. Show your ankle properly

As long as the role of self-cultivation is reached, it is the most suitable for you. It is not as loose as the clerk said. Also don't say that off-white must be suitable for you, the skin is black and black, you wear off-white? Are you afraid that others will not know your skin is dark? So suit your own looseness and your own color. As long as you know it, don't always listen to the clerk.