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Open Width Circular Knitting Machine

Name:Open Width Circular Knitting Machine
Power:3.7KW 5.5KW

The full machine use high quality endurable national steel which assures the high precision when running in high speed.

The base of machine will be strong enough for a long term continual running.


The machine part is designed as human body engineering and knitting principle with beautiful outlooking and strong structure.
 The machine gear is oiled lubrication, easy for maintenance and endable.
 The machine uses adjustable take down device which can adjust eh angle of bottom fabric. The stripping fabric can be equal and clean after opening.
 The machine uses electronic round cutter for opening fabrics. Fabrics can be wound syntacticly. The equal tension makes the fabric bright and clear without riddles.
 The rolling arm of machine is tube type. When rolling is finished, it is easy to pull out.
 The machine has safe stop device. When the fabric is not well opened, it stops automaticly. It is the best choice for prouducing elastic fabrics.
 Machine application:

Mainly use for super thin fabric for swimming ware and advanced underware.

Model Diameter Gauage Feeders Power
PK-S4F 30”-38” 16G-36G 3F 90F、102F、114F 3.7KW 5.5KE
3.2F 96F、108F、120F
4F 120F、136F