Double Jersey Series

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Double Jersey Series

Name:Double Jersey Series
Power:3.7KW 5.5KE

1. series double jersey circular knitting machine has the same characteristics as SF series single jersey circular knitting machine. The bottom gear all uses oiled design, which can reduce the loss of gear and noises and improve the life and precision of gear.

2. New type machine stand is used for processing and design, the center and sub-cylinder can move syntacticly, which make the adjustment of needle difference and the top and bottom gap more precise.

3. One machine has multi-functions. We use Top two bottom Four cam with different professional designed knit cam, which can knit 1X2 or 2X2,rib fabrics, warmth fabrics. Lycra yarn can be added to make fabrics more flexIble.

4. Multi-functional machine can knit various knitting fabrics. The machine has knit, tuck and miss cam, which makes machine more motive.

Native Application: Mainly use for all kinds of sport and leisure cloth.