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Single Jersey Series

Name:Single Jersey Series
Power:3.7KW 5.5KE

1. Special design cam, which can de-heat, clean cotton dust. Needles are not easy to be broken.

2. With pulley yarn guide and lycra feeder, the RPM can be more than 20.

3. Every dial can be reset, easy for adjustment.

4. Inverter with extra de-heating device, longer life.

5. Fashion outlooking. There is extra fabric lamp inside the machine.

6. Oiled type gear, there is a filter inside, less noise. The material of gear is FCD-45. It is endurable and has long life.

7. Main drive and motor use endurable tooth type belt. No need to adjust.

                Model                Diameter                Gauage                Feeders                Power
                PK-S4F                30”-38”                16G-36G                3F                90F、102F、114F                3.7KW 5.5KE
                3.2F                96F、108F、120F
                4F                120F、136F
                6F                180F、204F