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Double Jersey Computer Jacquard Series

Name:Double Jersey Computer Jacquard Series
Power:3.7KW 5.5KE

With years serious improvement and experiences of machine manufacturering, and te use of internationally advanced needle selection system, Baiqiang Company has finished the research and production of this Double Jersey Computerized Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine.


1. Computer needle selection system can select needle by knit, tuck and miss 3-position. Computerized needle selection technology enables production of various jacquard fabrics without limiting pattern range. This cuntctions overcomes the disadvantages of common mechinial jacquard in limited knitting range and saves the time for changing patterns.

2. The design of control system adopts the most advanced micro-processing technology to mount the electronic computing system and computerized needle selector in the machine set, using touch panel screen easy for operating, keeping the machines’s overall neatness and nice outlookings.

3. No any special drawing software is required. The universal drawing software available in market is acceptable. The face pattern may be scanned into or directly designed in computer, and then be converted into needle selectioin program by WAC DESIGNER software EXPANSION after color correction and drawing modification. The program is thus saved in the disk and passed to machine for running. Quick change of patterns may be realized in several minutes. The pattern data may be saved in computer hard disk or floppy disk.

4. Jacquard machine parts includes needle, middle needle jack and jacquard pieces. The machine basic parts are mini jacquard machine and computer needle selection system, which enables the production of jacquard knitting by different feeders.

5. Computer needle selection system: One needle selector contains two pieces ceramic plates. They are linked to each other. Its needle selecting rule is: a piece of ceramic plate bends when there is electric current and voltage, which makes the needle selection piece of the computer needle selection system upward or downward to select needle. The needle selection piece of each needle selector stands side by side in two vertical rows, and in every row there are eight sets of needle selection pieces. And in every rank row, there are two needle selection pieces heel, which lies in the two poles. It acts on the each different height piece of the two poles of each jacquard pieces. We use eight track type needle selector. The needle selecting distance and spare assures that the needle selector has enough time to meet the needs of machine’s high speed running. The computer needle selection system can keep low power consumption and suitable heat in the case of long time running, which ensures the veracity of needle selecting. About the reverting system of needle selection, jacquard piece use Passive type reverting can to design the angle, which makes the circulationg selection of needle more precise. There will be no flexible fatigue and the machine can keep stable speed and production capacity. The needle selection piece of the needle selector push the needle piece heel of the jacquard, and jacquard piece acts on the needle by the middle needle jack, going into the position of tuck or miss. If no any push, it does the action of knit.

6. Professional research in cam system. Less needle loss, high RPM.

Machine application:

This machine is generally used in knitting fabrics of Double jacquard, terry jacquard, fleece, interrib etc.