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Automatic Poodling Terry Cut Machine Series

Name:Automatic Poodling Terry Cut Machine Series
Power:3.7KW 5.5KE


1. With years improvements made by our company researchers, this machine can make cleaner fabric without crossbank than traditional veloura knitting machine. It doesn’t miss and has one more function of automatic looping.

2. The fabric made by this machine has better fabric outlooking than traditional veloura knitting machine, especially when knitting 100% cotton fabric.

3. This machine uses two cotton yarns, one lycra yarn and one cotton as surface at the bottom of knitting. Every feeder can feeder four yarns to make the fabric more strong, which meets the need of warmth underware. The fabric surface doesn’t have fuzz ball and static. And it won’ttickle the skin. It makes the right fabric for the warmth underware.

4. The excellency of the machine lies in the less loss of poodling fuzz(about 7-10%). It is more competitive.

Machine application:

This machine makes veloura which can be used for baby cloth, child chloth, sportsware, man and woman cloth, leisure cloths and industrial cloth. It is best for making warmth underware.